Social Media: Platform for spreading awareness

In 2017, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries which is a ministry of the Government of India was looking for various ways to promote and spread awareness about World Food India.

The Ministry wanted to promote India as the world’s food factory. They desperately needed a way out where they could interact and raise not only the awareness about the same but to educate Indians how India is the largest producer of food and food products, suffers from an acute shortage of food.

India is the fastest growing economy in the world, yet 40% of its food production is wasted annually. Therefore, the country especially the youth needed an awakening regarding same and World Food Day was the ideal time to start with it.

Meantime, The Ministry analyzed that youth is highly approachable on social media platforms and therefore, they need to look out for innovative digital marketing strategies to reach them out directly.

For the same, they hired a digital marketing agency that designed a creative marketing strategy that talked about food wastage and how to tackle it. The agency targeted the audience with creative posts and engaging campaigns with hashtags.

Results :

  • 4000+` leads generated comprising potential Exhibitors, Investors, Delegates and other Partners
  • 3000+ posts created across social media platforms and 4000+ registrations via the website
  • 100+ million impressions through social media
  • Dominated India’s twitter sphere through 8 successful trending activations
  • 100 times growth in Twitter followers – from 1400 to 150k during the campaign
  • $20 Billion worth MoUs signed
  • #ReduceFoodWastage (Impression generated: 51000000 )
  • #NoWasteOnMyPlate (Impression generated: 2,0326,113 )
  • #WarOnFoodWaste ( Impression generated: 47988450 )